Planning leads to financial peace of mind

We integrate all facets of your life in a customised strategy where we help you to adjust if and when necessary. You will never receive a one-size-fits-all plan – it will be personalised, based on your needs and requirements.

All our financial advisors and staff have one common goal – to help you to develop a balanced financial plan, enabling you to have the necessary peace of mind for the unexpected, while building towards the future.


Local & Global

We cater for you and your family’s specific investment objectives by providing world-class solutions based on a detailed understanding of your personal requisites:

  • Personal share portfolio
  • Tax-free Savings
  • Unit Trust Funds
  • Retirement Planning


Managing Risk Effectively

You can’t predict the future. However, you can have a strategy to manage your risk by making sure you are prepared for eventualities like death, disability, illness, and dreaded disease. Reality is that they can hit your business just as hard as you and your family.

Short Term Insurance {Personal & Commercial}

As a leading short-term insurance provider we do a comprehensive risk assessment of all your personal and commercial needs. We partner with more than 40 insurance companies to provide you with tailor-made products ranging from Personal, Commercial, Contractor All Risk, Aviation, Transit, Farming, Wine Cellars, Body Corporate, Hospitality and Professional Indemnity policies.

Business Insurance {Buy & Sell, Keyman Insurance}

You have worked hard to build and grow your business, and you want to make sure your family will reap the rewards if you become disabled or die before retirement.

Life Insurance {Death, Disability, Impairment or Dreaded Disease}

Protecting one’s dependents from loss as a result of death, disability, impairment or dreaded disease is the cornerstone of sound risk management and good financial planning. Life insurance must be a comprehensive risk management plan that consists of a suite of simple, flexible and dynamic benefits that covers all areas of risk.


Medical Aid & Gap Cover

More and more people are seeking treatment and care from private hospitals and the rising medical expenses are of utmost concern to these patients and their families. We will provide guidance in terms of the best medical aids options, as well as gap cover to overcome certain shortfalls in fees between what is charged, and what the medical aid actually pays.

Based on your specific requirements, we will assist you on an affordable medical product that will suit your individual, family, or corporate needs.


Estate Planning | Trusts | Wills

As your wealth management partner, it’s not only our job to ensure that your wealth is invested securely, but also to create an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy. Your wealth should be protected for the next generations. Afterall, there’s no greater gift than being able to secure your children’s futures.

We remain versed on the latest legislative framework and changes, legal precedents and policy amendments, enabling us to ensure your portfolio remains sustainable and relevant for you and your family. We provide advice to ensure the best tax efficiency for trusts and wills.